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February 11, 2018

One day, when TV's Supergirl ends its lively and adventurous run, fans will no doubt retrospectively regard the third season episode "Midvale" as one of the strongest stories the series put forth. Told almost entirely as a flashback, this instant classic turns back the clock some ten years to when Kara Danvers (Supergirl's secret identity) and her adoptive sister Alex were in high school and repeatedly at odds with one another. Putting aside their differences and working cooperatively in the pursuit of truth and justice, the improbable duo solve their first case together, and in the process, discover an appreciation for their unforeseen sisterhood.

This episode not only reveals the beginnings of the Danvers girls' unbreakable bond, but also gives its audience a glimpse into major events that shape Kara's character before she officially takes up the mantle of Supergirl. The concept is solid, but much of this installment's success is due to the amazing performances of Izabela Vidovic and Olivia Nikkanen as the teen incarnations of Melissa Benoist's Kara and Chyler Leigh's Alex, respectively. While some viewers initially bristled at the new castings, it's hard to argue with the superb results that were produced: Izabela and Olivia captured the nuanced mannerisms of their elder counterparts with such uncanny precision that there is zero disconnect between the high school and adult versions of Kara and Alex. In fact, their portrayals are so deft and impeccable that it is almost jarring when the story returns to its present time frame and its familiar stars are back on the screen.

After speaking to her about her film Wonder (which, like "Midvale," addresses issues of bullying and marginalization, and also spotlights a teen who feels that they are living in the shadow of a sibling), we had an additional moment to talk to Izabela about her fantastic turn on Supergirl. In this brief exclusive, she reflects on her preparation for the role and her early start in acting, and looks ahead to her next appearance on The CW and a potential return behind the camera.

Wonder is available on Blu-ray/DVD, 4K Ultra HD, and VOD. You did such an amazing job at playing a younger version of Melissa Benoist's Kara Danvers...

IZABELA: Thank you!

How did you prepare for the role?

I hadn't seen Supergirl, really, before I auditioned for it, but when I did, I watched a ton of episodes. And then when I booked it, I sort of binged it. And it's an awesome show. I think it's really cool. And I really got to familiarize myself with Melissa and her mannerisms. And playing a younger version of somebody, I think it's important that you understand their mannerisms and what they do. And so I think that I definitely did my research, and I'm glad that it reflected.

Currently, have you shot any other material for the show? A few episodes after "Midvale," we see adult Kara looking at a childhood photograph of her with a pet. Did you take that picture?

Yes, I did. It was [with] a black cat and it was dark. It's a very quick shot. I know because somebody screenshotted it (that's not a word!) and tagged me on Twitter. [laughs] They asked me to take that picture. So I was aware of that, but I haven't filmed anything else.

Any chance you'll get to revisit the role?

I really don't know, but I would love to. I'm not sure as of now.

What's your own origin story in terms of your work? What got you into acting?

I got into acting at the age of 7. And my mom is a filmmaker and an actress. So through her, I was inspired--you know, just seeing her in her element and what she does, and that definitely drove me into this industry.

Did she encourage such an early career choice, or did she try to dissuade you, knowing the pitfalls and difficulties of show business?

[laughs] She didn't really encourage or dissuade me. It wasn't through her, exactly, that I got in. It was somebody who had introduced me to an agent, and it was through that. But I was interested from a very young age because of her. So I think that once she saw my passion for it, she encouraged it, but she didn't initially do that.

Between Wonder and Supergirl, you've demonstrated a great ability to make people cry. Can you wield that power at whim in real life?

[laughs] No! I can't do that outside of acting.

[laughs] You need a script...

Yeah, I need to be something else! Otherwise I'm a terrible liar. No, my acting skills do not come in handy otherwise. [laughs]

What project can fans expect to see you in next?

I'm going to be on another CW show, on iZombie. I'll be on this new [fourth] season. So you can catch me on that!

Will you be making people cry again?

[laughs] Yes. I really can't say more, but yes.

Any plans on returning to writing and producing?

Yes! I do plan [on it]. I have a production company.

Thank you again for your time, it's been a pleasure speaking with you.

I appreciate it, thank you very much...It was so nice to meet you!

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